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Rising Damp

The source of moisture causing rising damp is to be found in the ground. The moisture is raised through the wall fabric by capillary action. This moisture is contaminated with nitrate and chloride salts which contaminate the wall fabric and plaster.


The treatment to control rising damp is to insert a chemical damp proof course at the base of walls. Water repellent damp proofing materials are infused into the wall fabric to line and block the capillaries to control dampness. There will often be a small level of moisture held in the wall fabric after the chemical injection damp proof course due to salt contamination. Re-plastering will remove any salt contaminated wall plaster and protect the decorated surfaces.


Woodworm is the most commonly used name for all wood boring insects:

  • Common Furniture Beetle
  • Death Watch Beetle
  • House Longhorn Beetle

Common furniture beetle attacks the sapwood of most softwoods. They are usually brought into the property by old furniture.

Death watch beetles mainly occupy older buildings with a history of decay and moisture.

House longhorn beetles are located in the south of England mainly north west surrey.


The affected areas are treated with an approved H.S.S.E approved low odour, quick drying preservative mainly by low pressure spraying, which penetrates timber and kills the larva's and adult beetles together with leaving a residue to prevent further infestation.

Heavily infested and decayed timber will be required to be cut back and replaced with pretreated timber.


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